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5 Places to Visit in Bhilwara

Rajasthan, India, literally the land of the royals, has a bevy of heritage buildings and globally recognized hospitality aspect to flaunt in whichever corner of it you want to visit. Amongst all that, Bhilwara stands out as being an off the beaten track tourist destination with all the grandeur intact, forts and palaces. Bhilwara tourism should be planned with careful regard to weather, being pleasant at times to very warm or cold at others, the best time to pay a visit being unanimously around October to March each year. Stay with me as we count down the top 5 destinations to visit in this little cosy touristy haven.
1. Gangapur
You’ve seen it all in Rajasthan, from temples to forts to glittering palaces. You’ve heard the glorious history, and seen brilliant lights and even been in the best hotels. Yes? Think again. Because in this little suburb located a little way off the mainland, is a gala where cattle steal the show. The cattle festival of this village is the premier tourist dra…